Is it possible to recover from an eating disorder ?

What if you used all the energy you put into your eating disorder into something else?

What might you accomplish in life? There’s a good chance if you stop and ask yourself these questions, you might realise you have a choice about your future and eating disorder.Your first step into your recovery journey (although presently you might not believe this) Is to acknowledge and believe you have a future.

Living with an eating disorder is a miserable way to live. Women and men often live their entire lives with their eating disorder before seeking help. Stopping the behaviour fueling your eating disorder is good, but frequently it’s not enough. I’ve heard men and women say “I want my life to have meaning”  You don’t want those years consumed by an eating disorder to be  “lost years”

You want to go beyond recovery into a life worth living. With recovery comes a unique awareness and knowledge that you never would have had without struggling with your eating disorder. When you find value in that knowledge, you are truly in recovery and in a life that is satisfying and free.

Every step to recovery is designed to help you develop the awareness, self-compassion, self-love, and tools to keep you moving on your recovery path. Each stage of growth and healing you experience will help you in all phases of your life. It’s designed to help you build layer upon layer, the means to nourish your own health and become less afraid, less bewildered and more present and more capable.

I want to emphasise recovery doesn’t mean going it alone. Find a trusty worthy therapist who you can bond with. A good therapist will offer you a safe space to share your story and acknowledge you in a non-judgmental way. A happy, an amazing surprise awaits you in recovery. Your goal may be to lose your obsession with food and drop a few unwanted pounds. But, the ultimate goal here is dropping the obsession and the other may well be a by-product of your recovery journey.

You may yearn to escape your fears and feel safe. This is so possible. Currently, you probably can’t imagine any more than this. In recovery, you’ll discover that you can be more alive than you ever dreamt possible. You’ll learn to grasp the idea that you are valuable and can find joy in sharing the gift of yourself to others. What’s more, you’ll learn to recognise love and not accept any false substitutes. You become present in the world as a real woman and man. When you the man or woman focus on the personal details of your life and understand how you act out your eating disorder, you have the potential to move toward your recovery and heal. 

Are you ready to begin?